HHCN: Tech-powered home care company breathes new life into HomeHero

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Family Directed President Kiel Dowlin spoke with Home Health Care News this week on our acquisition of HomeHero assets. Dowlin highlights that Family Directed is “focused on creating the right solution for people where they’re at.”

Tech-powered home care company breathes new life into HomeHero


A new technology-enabled home care company is breathing life back into HomeHero, the startup once heralded as an industry “disruptor” for its business model of directly matching consumers to caregivers.

After raising a total of $23 million, HomeHero was forced to cease its operations in late 2016.

The new tech-powered home care player is Family Directed, launched in mid-2018 with the help of former Almost Family CEO William Yarmuth. The Louisville, Kentucky-based company acquired “substantially all the assets of HomeHero” toward the end of last year, but officially announced the move Thursday to coincide with a takeover of the now-defunct startup’s website.

“As of midnight, the HomeHero website no longer exists. It all goes to Family Directed,” Kiel Dowlin, president of Family Directed, told Home Health Care News. “It was then we decided it was probably a good idea to say something more publicly about [the deal].”

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