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How Family Directed Home Care works for you

We provide families with the tools and knowledge to manage the entire care process on their own, creating a more affordable, transparent, and reliable method of care.

Our home care advisor gets you started

Tell us your needs, the schedule, and your budget. We will send you your matched qualified Caregivers.

Pick your own team

Get introduced to your pre-screened caregivers. We help you meet, interview, and hire.

Managing is easier than ever using our tools

Set a schedule and away you go. Use our Family Directed mobile app to manage schedules, time keeping and make payments.

Enjoy better care for less money while managing directly

The cost of care is negotiated by the family and their caregiver. Since there is not an agency taking a commission from the hours of care, the total cost is less than existing models. Working directly can eliminate up to 30% of the fees taken by a conventional agency.

Tip: Build Your Senior Helper Team

When considering full-time care, we recommend you interview & hire more than one caregiver, and identify backup caregivers to easily handle occasional scheduling complications.

With more than one in-home caregiver, you will protect yourself from being left without help in the case of a personal emergency. If at some point, a caregiver does not work out, it is okay.

Care is a very personal thing, so it is good to have options. If you are not happy with your caregiver and you want to meet more, just get in touch with your advisor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Family Directed different from working with an agency?

When you use our service to hire and manage caregivers, you have more control over the process and information about the care being provided. You can meet caregivers before you hire them. You can set an hourly rate that is fair to you and to the caregiver. Once you’ve found the right caregiver, our Family Engagement Tools help you understand when and how care is being provided. Our app lets you schedule shifts, approve payments and review care reports.

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How can a professional caregiver help at home?


  • Help walking
  • Dressing
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Transferring from one position to another (e.g. chair to bed)
  • Bathroom and continence

Cleaning, Tidying & Homemaking

  • Creating a clean living space or tidying up
  • Meal preparation, in batches or individual meals
  • Pet care and feeding
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping (kitchen, laundry)

Companionship & Fellowship in Shared Interests

  • Someone to share stories with
  • Someone to talk to
  • Someone to listen
  • Companion for cards and games

Maintaining Community Connections & Errands

  • Help with food shopping and errands
  • Ride to a doctor visit
  • Going out to eat
  • Attending theater show, religious services, or other cultural events
  • Transportation to visit family, friends, and other associations

What is non-medical homecare? Are there things I cannot ask my caregiver to do?

Family Directed helps families find caregivers to help individuals with the tasks of daily life. Caregivers work in private homes to help individuals complete tasks they are unable to perform themselves due to age and/or physical/mental limitations.

Caregivers hired through Family Directed cannot provide these services::

  • Administering Medication: This  includes: herbs, supplements, injections, oxygen, dialysis and IV infusions.
  • Post-op Rehab: Home care providers are not trained in physical therapy. They can help individuals follow an exercise or therapy program provided by a doctor or physical therapist.
  • Taking and Recording Vital Signs:  Temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure.
  • Providing medical care: Home caregivers do not help with feeding tubes, ventilators, tracheotomy care, catheter/colostomy management, would care or diagnose medical conditions.

Why is Family Directed a more affordable solution for home care?

Caregivers work for you, and you coordinate the care they provide. That means there is no agency in the middle, adding extra fees to the bill. By working with Family Directed, you save money on the total cost of home care. Some of that savings is passed on to the caregiver  helping your loved one. Your total bill is less but the caregivers can still earn more. Everyone wins!

How do you help with electronic payments & Household Employer tools?

  • STEP 1: Register with our team for payment & timekeeping services and a representative will call you promptly.
  • STEP 2: Speak with a representative from our team and they will provide any forms which need to be signed by you prior to setup.
  • STEP 3: We register you and your caregiver(s). Our expert team takes care of all of the documentation necessary to complete the setup process.
    • This may include authorization forms for electronic funds transfers and other necessary documents for employment or tax purposes.
  • STEP 4: Keep your care provider’s hours without lifting a finger. Our mobile app will help you keep records of your caregiver’s hours without worry.
  • STEP 5: Weekly or bi-weekly payrolls replace your need to write a check. You approve your caregiver’s hours online, and make any necessary corrections. Your caregivers are paid electronically via direct deposit, and any fees or taxes are withheld and paid automatically.

AT YEAR-END: Our team also takes care of all of the year-end filings. We will help you with any required tax filing needs, and will supply your Caregiver(s) with a completed 1099 or W2 form, as appropriate.

How do I pay for home care through Family Directed?

When you use Family Directed to hire and manage home caregivers, you have access to our Family Engagement Tools. This includes a payroll service. They manage your payments to the caregiver you hire to provide care.

Who does the caregiver work for?

You. Family Directed makes it easy for you to hire the right person and to manage the care that the caregiver provides. You own the relationship with your caregiver. Our payroll provider allows you to pick the arrangement that works best for you. You can hire a caregiver as a household employee or as a contractor. When you speak with a Family Directed advisor, you can determine the right employment relationship for you.

Talk to a home care advisor and learn if it is right for you.